huge methane stock
in clathrates and permafrost constitute
a real time bomb

Valocarb©, CO2 and climate change  CO2 threat to Earth life

We have seen that marine life is under serious threat, but there is another threat from climate change, and it is much more horrific than that: the Earth threat.

There are indeed huge stocks of methane trapped in ice, permafrost on land, and clathrates at the bottom of the oceans.

There is a gradual melting of ice that is leading to the destabilization of these stocks, with the certainty that they will eventually be released into the atmosphere, if we are not able to curb global warming.

These gases, produced by the biological activity of methanogenic organisms, have accumulated over millions of years, and their quantity could be one hundred times greater than that of all fossil fuels consumed over the last hundred years.

These stocks are a time bomb.

In fact, on contact with the air, at certain rates, methane ignites and even explodes, generating CO2 qthat contributes to increased global warming, which itself accelerates the melting of the ice, resulting in the release of methane.

In this way, an infernal spiral could be formed, creating an appalling scenario that would make climate change anecdotal, and could lead to a 6th mass extinction.

The Lake Nyos disaster in 1986 could give us a smaller overview of this disaster.

Already in Siberia, at permafrost level, methane explosions are observed leaving spectacular craters, several tens of meters in diameter.

Crater due to methane explosions in Siberia
Crater due to methane explosions in Siberia

In a context where the oceans are reaching saturation, it is likely that such an influx of CO2 into the atmosphere will leave us little time to act, before biological mechanisms such as respiration and photosynthesis are massively disrupted.

This is why the company VALOCARB© in the face of climate change, is far from content to develop solutions for the treatment and recovery of CO2, research by anticipating advanced technologies, to deal with the problems generated by such situations which are foreseeable, but which public opinion has not yet become aware of.

So let us do everything in our power to be ready in time, to face this dreadful threat and to prevent it from turning into a chain of economic, social and humanitarian disasters, leading to an uncontrollable global chaos.

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