combined purification
(CO2, H2S and siloxanes)

with CO2 valorization possibility

Valocarb© technology  Biogas purification

VALOCARB© technologies do not only work with CO2.

They also capture pollutants such as SO2, NO2, H2S, and many other harmful molecules.

The properties of these technologies make the most complex gases the best captured, making it possible to process a wide range of these problem gases.

These technologies apply in particular to the purification of biogas, usually composed of 50 to 70% methane (CH4), 25 to 40% CO2 and problematic minority compounds (H2S, siloxanes).

Average biogas composition

The purification of biogaz allows its transformation into biomethane
that can be injected into the gas network.


This purification constitutes an estimated market in Europe at several hundred million euro per year.

LPurification solutions are subject to the costs and variability of biogas composition.

Different solutions now treat H2S and CO2, almost always separately.

Siloxanes, which are difficult to capture, remain a thorn in the feet of farmers, since no technology has really established itself on the market today.

All involve the implementation of cumbersome systems and have high investment and operating costs (energy, water, reprocessing of active coal…).

The VALOCARB© solution for biogas consists of a combined purification (CO2, H2S and siloxanes) with the possibility of CO2 valorization, at the operator’s request.

It can meet three main needs:

  • upgrading to standards (CO2 and H2S purification) for the injection of biomethane into the natural gas network.
  • upgrading to standards (CO2 and H2S purification) for the use of biomethane in liquefied form (Natural Gas CNG Vehicles).
  • desulphurization before cogeneration (H2S and siloxanes).

The initial implementation is planned in units of 100 to 300 Nm3/h,
and will subsequently be adapted to the demand and needs of customers.

H2S and CO2 capture tests were successfully carried out
at a large biogas producer in the New Aquitaine Region.

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