The company  Team

Marc Boucher, Associate Director

Marc has led several companies and groups of companies in France.

Former tax inspector, he brings to Valocarb© his long experience in business management.

He is co-founder of CO2 Nouvelle Energie and Valocarb© and manager of CO2 Nouvelle Energie.


Jean-Luc Quéré, Associate Director in charge of Research and Development

Jean-Luc is a biotechnologist by training.

Following research on gas and liquid exchanges in biotechnology, he developed a set of technologies for the capture and dissolution of CO2 in an aqueous medium.

He's the inventor of the technologies developed within the framework of CO2 Nouvelle Energie.

He also has in-depth knowledge of the complex interactions of CO2 with the mechanisms that govern the functioning of the living world.

He is co-founder of CO2 Nouvelle Energie and Valocarb©, and accompanies Valocarb© for the rise in power of the technology and its adaptation to the customer context.

He's also pursuing research for other applications of these technologies, within the framework of the company CO2 Nouvelle Energie.


Alain Kremer, President

Alain is a former student of the Ecole Nationale Professionnelle de Tarbes ENP Jean Dupuy Métiers de l'Industrie.

This solid training gives him access to a wide range of technical, theoretical and practical knowledge.

He is co-founder of CO2 Nouvelle Energie and Valocarb©, and member of the French Association for hydrogen and fuel cells (Afhypac), (from 2011 to 2019, date of cessation of membership of natural persons in this association).

In addition, he is a doctor of medicine, surgeon, and research doctor in the field of energy of the human body.

With his many professional contacts abroad, he prepares the international development of Valocarb©.

Due to the international scale of its project, Valocarb© will be strengthened through the engagement of many qualified stakeholders, which will be carried out on an as-needed basis through various partnerships.

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