Industrial gas emissions
capture and valorization

The main objective of VALOCARB©
  • Massively reduce and valorize industrial CO2 emissions
  • Develop a massive production of low-cost « green » hydrogen, using a rupture process it has developed, called the « artificial carbon cycle » process.

The potential of these two markets is estimated at several thousand billion euros.

The company

The company VALOCARB© SAS, created in Bordeaux in 2016, is ready to develop, with a view to a rapid commercialization, in France as abroad, innovative technologies, of biomimetic inspiration, related to the treatment of the air and the valorization of different gases, especially the CO2, a molecule linked to climate change, which is a future market with high potential development.

These highly competitive technologies are associated with multiple market segments.

Given its technological performance, VALOCARB© has the ambition to become the leader in these two sectors, the energy solutions it proposes being a real alternative to the use of fossil energy.

VALOCARB© is currently seeking investors and partners for the manufacture and installation of pilot devices, a preliminary step to rapid and global technology deployment.

This deployment will lead to the emergence of a green, decarbonized economy, which will allow a more effective fight against the gigantic threat of CO2.


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