VALOCARB© technologies
constitute a break
compared to existing technologies

Valocarb© technology   General presentation of VALOCARB© technologies

VALOCARB© technologies are ready for industrialization and are based on an innovative system for gases selective capture and dissolution, in aqueous medium.

This capture is done by means of a catalytic matrix of capture / dissolution, specific to the treated gases, which constitutes the heart of the know-how of Valocarb©

Valocarb’s biomimetic-inspired technologies operate as an « inverted lung » eand represent a break from existing technologies.

Operating principle and main valuations

Valorization by algal biomass production

Valorization by algal biomass production

VALOCARB© technologies have singular characteristics and remarkable advantages:

  • they can simultaneously capture many gases (fumes, polluted air, biogas), , including those difficult to capture (SO2, NO2, mercaptans, siloxanes, Nox).
  • capture remains efficient even at low concentrations.
  • they can be adapted to small or large volumes of treatment.
  • they operate at ambient pressure and temperature, including regeneration of the capture / dissolution matrix, which is carried out continuously.
  • they have an exceptional ability to dissolve gases in water, up to 1,000 times more than conventional technologies.
  • they are particularly sober on the energy level.
  • they do not require any modification of the existing industrial tool, in which they must integrate with a reduced impact.
  • they open real avenues of industrial ecology by allowing the valorization on the spot, or near the gaseous discharges.
  • their maintenance is easy because of the absence of equipment at high pressure / temperature.
  • maintenance of the capture matrices will be done by Valocarb© teams in standard exchange, with the latest improvements, due to a permanent search.

VALOCARB® technologies bring innovative solutions in four sectors:  

VALOCARB© continues research to develop its know-how


This research is carried out continuously, in parallel with technologies already ready to move to industrialization.

Thus, additional improvements and new opportunities regularly emerge.

For the most part, they are part of general thinking, and some are based on the principles of quantum chemistry, opening up possibilities with contours that are still poorly defined, but whose applications push the boundaries of currently accepted knowledge, should tomorrow, make Valocarb© the leader in the fight against CO2.

VALOCARB© has developed a shigh-throughput molecular separation, technology, which is currently being refined.

This high performance and promising technology allows the capture of gases, even at extremely low concentrations.

Its goal is to gradually rid the atmosphere of greenhouse gases accumulated since the beginning of the industrial era.

Its implementation will have to be carried out as quickly as possible, in addition to the Valocarb© CO2 capture and valorization technologies, which are currently ready for industrialization.

This high performance and promising technology allows the capture of gases,
even at extremely low concentrations.

Winner of the Innov'Eco SME Springboard
at the « The value of CO2 », forum in Paris in December 2014

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