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Valocarb©, CO2 and climate change  Valocarb on the climate change front

The threat of CO2 to ocean life and the threat of CO2 to Earth’s life will leave us little time to act, before biological mechanisms such as respiration and photosynthesis are massively disrupted.

We must avoid the fatal choice of simply putting in place a partial and too late replacement of fossil fuels, which would correspond to placing a band-aid on the crack of a dam, naively thinking that it would prevent it from yielding.

In this context, VALOCARB© is not only proposing the development of large-scale industrial CO2 capture and recovery solutions, as well as massive and low-cost « green » hydrogen production solutions.

VALOCARB© is looking in advance for cutting-edge technologies, to try to cope with the problems generated by such situations which are predictable but which public opinion has not yet become aware of.

Let us hope that we will be ready in time to deal with this dreadful threat that will turn into a chain of economic, social and humanitarian disasters, leading to an uncontrollable global chaos.

VALOCARB© solutions focus on three areas:

Industrial CO2 capture and valorization

The solutions proposed by Valocarb will enable the industrial CO2 emissions to be taken care of now and massively.

Valocarb© is convinced that it is possible to reconcile socio-economic and environmental imperatives, and recommends that these solutions be applied urgently to all industrial sites with high CO2 emissions, and especially to the coal industry, It is illusory to think that exploitation will be stopped in the near future, given the massive investments it has undergone in recent years.

This implementation would, of course, be greatly facilitated by the introduction of a significant global carbon tax in the « polluter pays » mode.

This massive capture of CO2 will help relieve our ecosystems as quickly as possible.

In addition, the exploitation of CO2 will lead to the emergence of new industrial sectorsthatwill generate jobs and financial income.

Massive « green » hydrogen production

This production will be carried out according to the Valocarb process of « artificial carbon cycle ».

It will have to be deployed in combination with Valocarb solutions for CO2 capture and recovery.

It is desirable that this deployment be carried out as soon as possible, but it will nevertheless be correlated to market development and subject to political will.

It will move to a decarbonized « green » economy, leading to the replacement of fossil fuels, as part of a much-needed energy transition.

Atmospheric air purification

VALOCARB© is pursuing research to develop its know-how.

Valocarb©, far from merely offering air treatment solutions in industrial and urban areas, is preparing the implementation of an atmospheric air cleaning technology.

It is a high-throughput molecular separation technology, which it has developed and is actively developing, with a view to marketing.

This high-performance and promising technology enables the capture of gases, even at extremely low concentrations.

Valocarb©, thanks to this technology, aims to gradually and massively rid the atmosphere of greenhouse gases accumulated since the beginning of the industrial era.

Its implementation should be carried out as soon as possible, in addition to the Valocarb© technologies, which are currently ready for industrialization.

This implementation will require a great deal of financial resources, which will enable us, through the management of our past emissions, to stop the poisoning of our children’s and grandchildren’s environment.

Pollution in China
Pollution in China


As Nicolas Hulot said: « Let us not wait for the demonstration of the worst to act ».
It is urgent to act, and waiting longer would be criminal vis-à-vis future generations.

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