Fighting against
climat change

by providing innovative and efficient solutions

The Company  Mission and Ambition

Based on innovative, exclusive and revolutionary technologies for selective capture and dissolution in aqueous environments, these systems open up new ways of:

  • CO2 capture and valorization
  • Air protection
  • Biogas purification
  • Decarbonized hydrogen production, using a rupture process called the « artificial carbon cycle » process by Valocarb©.

VALOCARB's mission is to combat climate change by providing industrialists with innovative and efficient industrial ecological solutions that will enable them to:

  • significantly reduce greenhouse gas and polluting gas emissions
  • to strengthen competitiveness
  • create jobs locally through several new industrial streams.

The roots of Valocarb© are aquitain: the design, a large part of the manufacturing and assembly of the Valocarb© facilities will be carried out in the Bordeaux region, up to about 3.000m3/h, hreshold above which, the latter will have to be carried out on site.

VALOCARB©, taking into account the performance of its technologies and their very broad field of application, aims to become a leader in the fields of CO2 capture and valorization in various forms.

VALOCARB© wishes to project itself rapidly at the international level and has established contacts with various partners which, given the global dimension of the problem of CO2, have expressed interest and are considering the possibility of setting up Valocarb© subsidiaries abroad.

Several pilot installations are being studied

Winner of the Innov'Eco SME Springboard
at the « The value of CO2 », forum in Paris in December 2014

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